Hail Restoration


Roof & Gutter Replacement

Hail damage to roofs in Colorado is very common

Most homeowners in Colorado know that hail can damage the roofs and gutters of their homes. We work on your behalf to ensure that insurance addresses all damage allowed within your homeowner's insurance policy.

Once we complete the claim, we will work with you to get you the new roof and gutters that you want for your home for the cost of your deductible. We also offer upgrades, in certain cases, if you want different styles or applications than you originally had on your home. Our experts are a resource to you to determine what is best.

Window Restoration

Did you know hail can damage windows too?

Hailstones .75 inches in diameter or larger can wreak havoc on your windows. This can cause moisture and air infiltration to seep in through fractured panes or broken seals. After a hailstorm, check your windows for dents, breaks, or cracks.

Many insurance policies will cover window repair and replacement, but navigating that insurance claim can be tricky. If hail has affected your home, reach out to us so we can assess the damage and create a plan to move forward in getting your windows fully replaced for only your deductible.


Other Damage

Beyond windows and roofs

You may notice other damage that the hail storm caused. We've seen decks, furniture, siding, and more included in policies when we were there with the adjuster to point out the damage. Although we specialize in roofs and windows, we will assist in getting you to the right people for the additional damage.


We are happy to help!

Insurance will pay for the same like, kind, and quality roof or Windows that you currently have, but upgrading them to a higher quality product is easy. There is no better time to do it than while your insurance company is covering some costs.

Your insurance company is likely to raise your rates if everyone in your ZIP code is filing a hail claim regardless of whether you file one or not so you might as well do it.

Hiring a general contractor, like us, who is familiar with the insurance process is the best thing to do because we will speak directly to your insurance company to help navigate the claim, give bids, and request depreciation.

A great contractor will also tell you when the damage to your home is not likely to be covered by your insurance policy, or when it's not worth it to file a claim. We will come out to give you an inspection prior to or while your insurance adjuster is at your home.

Your insurance policy typically covers your roof, gutters, siding, windows, and more. Windows are typically covered if they have aluminum cladding on the outside and are wood on the inside. Brands include Vetter, Crestline, Andersen, Pella, BiltBest, and more. Vinyl windows are also covered through insurance and require a special process to get them fully paid for by your policy. Damage to vinyl windows can include broken glass, broken vinyl frames, extreme denting, or physical damage.

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