Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Echelon Exteriors?

   We here at Echelon believe in doing business the right way. 90% of complaints in the contracting/ remodeling industry come from a lack of communication. We keep our customers informed throughout their project and make sure the customer is happy and comfortable with the design and installation.

How do I know if my windows are damaged by hail?

   If you have a wood window on the inside, but the outside has aluminum cladding on it, that window can be damaged by hail. Vinyl windows with broken glass or frames can also be replaced through your homeowners' insurance policy. With a licensed insurance adjuster on staff, we have designed the perfect process to help you navigate your insurance claim and get your windows replaced with a stunning new product for only the price of your deductible!

My roof has been damaged by hail. What now?

   Now is the time to call an experienced hail restoration contractor. We at Echelon can help you get coverage for the things most homeowners miss, ensure you are getting the right amount from your insurance carrier, and get your home back to it's ideal state.

How do Echelon's prices compare with other window and door companies?

   We can beat any price from our competitors and deliver an equal or greater product and experience. How do we do this? By not giving our customers the "used car salesman" approach. We don't need to advertise or bend the truth, and we keep our footptint small, so we are ablle to pass on the savings to you! Call us for a free estimate and you will be impressed.

What products does Echelon offer?

   We can order and install many different products from many suppliers, so if you hear of a brand you just love, let us know about it!

Are you licensed and insured?

   We are a fully licensed and insured company with over a decade of construction and remodeling experience.